24 hour assistance with boiler repairs

24 hour assistance with boiler repairs

24 hour boiler repair, assistance is only a phone call away

Depending on the configuration of the heating system fitted in your property having a boiler breakdown may not render the loss of both heating and hot water.  Some central heating systems that incorporate a cylinder has a secondary source of power as backup if the boiler were to fail.   24 hour assistance with boiler repairs may not be necessary in situations like this, by activating the immersion heater this will sustain an adequate hot water temperature until repairs can be arranged. However this is not the case if a combination boiler is installed in your property.   A combination boiler produces both heating and hot water a boiler breakdown can affect either of the two, or in certain instances complete failure.

Central heating pump



Some boiler repairs can be resolve on the first visit

A boiler break can occur for numerous reasons; one of the most popular reasons for this would be a lack of understanding, IE when new tenants move into a property.   An unfamiliar central heating system control panel can sometimes be daunting when trying to operate for the first time.  An inactive heating system may require a little encouragement from an engineer to get it working again if it has been out of use for some of time.

An faulty component would be unlikely but the seizure of an inactive pump is often the cause in situations like this.  Some emergency call outs can be resolve on the first visit; this depends on the cause of a boiler breakdown.   Replacement parts may sometimes be required, the popularity model and make of a boiler will have a bearing on the turnaround period required to arrange a replacement part.

A boiler pc board




Boiler breakdown and repairs, complex electronics of modern boilers make fault finding easier

A boiler consists of a number of different components  some of which are operated by hydraulics and others by various electric current.  The sensitivity of the electronic PC board control centre within the boiler can quickly identify if any of its surround components are faulty.  This intern will trigger a fault code that will be display on the frasier panel found on modern boilers.


Not all faults can be identify via the sophisticated electronics of a modern boiler, however fault codes will give a great indication of what could be the most likely cause of the problem.  Our 24 hour assistance with boiler repairs could be the solution that you’re looking for if you’re having problems with your boiler.

Cold weather and boiler repairs


The season usually dictates the urgency of a boiler repair

There are often much colder nights during winter without the presents of snow; however when it snows the demand for boiler repairs increases. When there is snow on the ground this will trigger an overwhelming need to urgently have a repair carried out that was preciously there.  Quite often to avoid the dangers of driving in bad weather some plumbers and heating engineers will decide to cancel all appointments.

This will increase the demand for those plumbers brave enough to weather the storm.  There for it is important to attend to any problems with your before the cold weather sets in.  Ideally you should service your boiler once a year this will not only validate your warrantee but will also help to prolong the life span of your boiler.



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