Basic plumbing tools


Basic plumbing tools



The most basic plumbing tools.  

Through out the contraction industry each individual trade has its own specialised tools and equipment. The bread and butter plumbing tools are very basic, but never the less these items are very effective.  Without them a plumbing repairs would be almost imposable, these four basic plumbing tools in our opinion for popularity and usage exceeds all the others.  The popularity of each item described is depicted by a percentage i.e.  (pliers/grips 35%)   (adjustable spanner 25%)   (PTEF tape 30%)  (Cordless light 10%.

plumbing tools plier/grips

The most frequently used plumbing tool are pliers/grips they come in varying sizes from the standard wide grip that are suitable for accommodating 15mm/22mm compression. This hand tool could be substituted for other similar items on the market, however you may not get the same result. One of the benefits of the pliers/grips is its ability to be adjusted, the width of the grip can be widened to adding extra compression power when in use. The life expectancy of a tool like this depends on the quality of the item purchased. Some of the high end of the market pliers have a great durability that repels years of heavy usage, making them an invaluable part of the team and a most for a plumbers tool kit.

Adjustable spanner.

The adjustable pocket size spanner is a useful tool. It comes into its own when handling larger sized spanners become hampered when working in a restricted area. It can also be used to steady a fitting whilst applying force in the opposite direction when tightening a compression joint.  They come fitted with a swivel adjuster situated in the head of the tool. Easily operated to accommodate various sized fittings. The adjustable spanner is one of the least inexpensive plumbing tools, but yet invaluable to a plumber when face with a problem that requires a small adjustable robust means of leverage in a small space. This basic plumbing tool is readily available at most plumbers merchants. You may notice this type of spanner on display near the counter the next time you visit your local plumbers merchants.

Basic tool adjustable spanner


PTFE tap a useful sealant for compression joints.

A compression joint is an alternative to push fit or soldering, a compression is another method of jointing pipes together. Compression joints used on their own may be an adequate fitting fully capable of adding restraint to the water supply. However, an important aspect of Emergency plumbing repairs is reducing the possibility of leaks appearing shortly after a plumber as complete a repair. Employing the use of PTFE tap saves plumbers time on revisits to jobs with a recurring leak. This sealant acts as a barrier when applied to joints. Too much will create difficulties when closing joints, and too little will be ineffective as a water barrier. Is there an alternative to PTEF tap? yes, leak sealants can also come as a paste, and when applied to a joint, this also acts as leak prevention barrier.


Basic plumbing tool PTFE tap

A cordless light is essential for a plumber when working in remote or poorly lit areas.

Arguably, model lighting should be classed as equipment rather than a tool, but nevertheless, in certain situations, work would be impossible without the use of adequate lighting. A model rechargeable light presents 0 chance of electrocution if penetrated by water. The power source comes via a rechargeable battery attached at the rear of the unit. This useful piece of equipment can be purchased at less than £30, it comes with varying options of being recharged. Option (1) mains plugin Option (2) in car charger, so a drop in battery power can be re-energised from one job to anther to sustain its use throughout the day.

One of the advantages of using a cordless light is it provides a sustained source of lighting in areas where a plug-in light would be dangerous or impossible.

Cordless Light
Adaptability on the job with the right choice of tools.

This choice of basic plumbing tools is subjective to choice. Other plumbers may differ in the choice of prioritising certain tools above others. But if placed in a position of having to attend an emergency plumbing repair with only the option of four tools, then these four would defiantly be the choice. Please keep in mind, with only four basic plumbing tools, carrying out a successful plumbing repair would be difficult but not impossible.

An Emergency plumbers  main enthusiast is the prevention of water damage to household goods and property, by firstly shutting off the water supply, this will illuminate the Emediate threat of water damage. Isolation can be done at the stopcock, if ridged the use a pocket sized adjustable spanner can assist. If extra leverage is require due to a seizure, then employ the use of wide grip pliers. The stopcock will most likely be situated in a poorly lit area e. i  under the kitchen, a cordless light will speed up the process of identifying the stopcock. Good lighting also gives a plumber the abilty to scrutinise work carried out on completion that may have otherwise been overlooked.

With the isolation of the stopcock, any possibility of water damage will be eliminated. An investigation into the cause of the leak can then begin. A damaged or leaking compression joint can be removed, cleaned, realigned or replaced, then rapped with PTFE tap for extra security, re-pressurise and inspected for leaks.

The frequent use of these tools as but them on our most have list when attending plumbing repairs. However, these tools are merely a platform from which to build a much wider selection of plumbing tools. Whenever faced with difficulties on the job, a variation in tool option will offer a greater possibility of completing the repair.

Experience is a crucial aspect of what a plumber’s ideal choice of basic plumbing tools is based on. There will be variations in selection across the industry depending on the individuals sector of expertise


















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