Boiler repairs in Birmingham

Boiler repair Birmingham




Emergency boiler repairs in  Birmingham

Being familiar with the operation of the heating system in your property can save not only time but also money, not every emergency call out to a boiler repair constitutes the visit of a heating engineer.  Emergency boiler repairs in like this usually occur when new occupants move into a property and are unfamiliar the operation of the heating system.  A lack of either of the vital elements i.e. gas or electricity will render a boiler inoperable; an experienced engineer will always ensure these factors are in place before moving forward with diagnostics.

We have the expertise and confidence in boiler repairs.

Our heating engineers have many years experience in boiler repairs in Birmingham and can quickly come to a conclusion of what is the cause of a boiler breakdown.  Some boiler repairs can be concluded immediately after the problem has been identified without replacing parts. However other breakdowns may the result of a components failure and will need replacement parts fitted. Replacement parts can be expensive; they may not considerably extend the lifespan of an older boiler, other vital components may in time also fail.  Advisably when the costs of replacement parts start to escalate or on occasion become obsolete, at this point, it may be a good idea to consider having a replacement boiler.  Opting for the installation of a new boiler in some instances work could be to most cost effective choice.

We can supply and fit parts for the majority of boilers on the market; this can be completed on the same day depending on what time the work is being carried out. For less popular models of boilers, a waiting period for spare parts may be incurred; this could be a maximum of 7 days.

Annual service can help to avoid boiler breakdown.

We offer our customers a complete system service. This will help to prevent premature the failure of a heating system.  The service includes a boiler inspection, drain down of heating system, adding a cleaner and corrosion inhibitor bleeding all the radiators and balancing.  This service should be carried out every 12 months on a boiler, we have found that a well maintained central heating system has a less chance of breaking down.