Boiler Upgrades & New Boilers for Central Heating.

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When should you replace your boiler?

Most people have a boiler upgrade either because replacement parts have become obsolete, or the repeated cost of boiler repairs are constantly extending the budget.  Having a new boiler installation, in the long run, can save money rather than replacing a faulty part on an old boiler. There may be a warranty on the replacement part, but the other components in time may also fail, and the costs start to add up.  Predicting exactly when a boiler breakdown is going to occur is virtually impossible, however, after a series of repeated boiler failure, this is a good indication.

Some of the benefits of having a modern boiler installed

Quite often when a boiler becomes in efficacy,  and the running costs start to escalate it could be the right time to start thinking about an upgrade to a modern (A) band energy efficiency condensing boiler. When our gas fitters are choosing a boiler, we always assess the customer’s needs considering the size of the property and the occupant’s central heating and hot water demands. We try to choose a boiler which is not just energy efficient but also reliable and user-friendly.

What does it cost of a new boiler installed?

The cost of installation can vary depending on a location of the replacement boiler, the awkward plumbing of pipe work and the condition of the water contained within the old central heat system may also need to be addressed.  All of the above plus more.  Most boiler manufacturers offer a five year warranty on their new A -band condensing boilers, so with a boiler that will cut costs for central heating and hot water which is also very reliable, that’s what makes our team of central heating engineers very confident that the boiler upgrades we install will offer a quality services for our customers throughout the coldest parts of the year.

A Power Flush can help to maintain the heath of you central heating system

As part of your boiler installation we rigorously stick to the relevant British Standard in accordance with best practices and boiler manufacturer requirements.  This helps to ensure that the average system is clean before a new boiler is installed.

However, from time to time, if your central heating system has been experiencing problems (e.g. cold radiators, intermittent hot water, slow warm-up times, etc) then you might want to consider having a power flush carried out.  Although not inexpensive, in some circumstances it may be required. If you have experienced any of those problems or have a reason to think that your system might be particularly dirty please let us know.

The ‘infographic’ below shows what power flushing is and how it is done.”