How to avoid burst pipes in walls

How to avoid burst pipes in walls

Burst pipe in walls


Burst pipes in walls – locations where concealed pipework can be found.

With the majority of older properties, it is a far easier task to avoid the possibility of burst pipes in walls. Older properties plumbing systems were built using conventional materials such as copper.  The copper pipe that is fitted is often wall mounted and clipped to hold them in place. For cosmetic purposes trunking or boxing may be used, this makes identifying concealed wall mounted pipework a straight forward task.   Older properties pipework tend to be concealed in places such as ceilings and under flooring where they can be found running through notches in rafters.

Changes in construction the early 2000s engineered joists or I-beams were used on New Builds for intermediate floor constructions. I-beam joists cannot be notched at the top, which is the traditional route through floors for copper pipe. Therefore threading flexible plastic systems through these joists is a much easier installation practice on site. Due to its flexibility low-cost corrosion resistance, a plastic pipe would be favoured as the primary material to be used on new builds.

Tips on how to avoid puncturing concealed pipework in walls and other locations.

How to avoid getting burst pipes in walls and concealed areas,  firstly before drilling or driving nails into walls,  its advisable to employ the use of a detector.  A detector can help to identify the possibility of dangers that may be hidden below a surface; a detector can be purchased for as little as  £29.00. New build properties plumbing tends to be constructed using plastic pipe; a detector can only recognise metallic materials such as a copper pipe or an electric cable. Pipework cover by a shallow layer of plaster fitted without adequate depth and protection can become susceptible.  In situations like this, it becomes very difficult to avoid the possibility of a burst pipe in a wall. Without the use of a detailed plan of a properties plumbing layout, an accidental puncture could occur by merely trying to hang a picture.

Pipework in walls – Protective per installation procedures

Avoid using power tools by drilling or cutting into walls or flooring without firstly carrying out a preliminary inspection. This can be done by using a detection device or by creating a pilot hole into surfaces such as fake plasterboard walls. However, before attempting preliminary inspection, you must be competent in dealing with situations such as this.

Pipework protected by a metallic sheet can drastically help to avoid the possibility of damage to the pipework, and also increases its visibility by making it then become detectable. A metal sheet which is used as a protective layer that can often be found covering electric cables in a wall, this kind of device can be used to protect pipework installed in a wall. A smaller sized pipe can easily be hidden a protective layer of metal. This method can become slightly more difficult when using larger pipe the bulking up the circumference area of the pipe, and the added protective layer can make concealing larger diameter pipes become more difficult.

It;s standard practice with a gas line installation below flooring to mark out the run of the gas pipe warning anyone working in the future that there is a gas supply below.  An outline drawing can drastically help to avoid any possibility of accidently punching the gas line.

24 Hour Emergency plumbers in Birmingham 60 minute response

24 Hour Emergency plumbers in Birmingham 60 minute response

We are always at hand to solve your plumbing crisis any time of the day.

Find a local plumber

Find a local plumber

find local plumbersIts often the case when immediate assistance for plumbing repairs are required, customers can find it difficult to find a local plumber at short notice.

During the coldest parts of the year and on Weekends are problematic instances of when it becomes quite difficult to find a local plumber. Its a very common accurance when face with an emergency to find a customer working there way through a list of plumbers desperately trying to find a plumber available to offer assistance. Most plumbers work very long hours and appreciate there down time, trying to call a plumber outside there working hours will usually go unanswered. The service we offer is 24 hour emergency plumbing repair,  we often work outside the normal hours most plumbers operate. Availability is never a problem whenever a customers needs a plumber,  rest assure if your plumber as let you down we’ll be there to help.

Being equipped for plumbing repairs can make all the difference.

After many years of experiance attending a variety of different emergency call outs, repeated inquires have helped us asertain what materials and fittings are most often commonly used and to always have them in stock. Our aim is to resolve each plumbing repair on the first call out. A response time of 60 minutes is all we need, customers who are thinking, i need to find a plumber near me, rest assure our database can easily accommodate your inquire with modern devices such as the stat alight navigation finding the quickest possible route can easily be achieved.

We can find a local plumber to asist you in less than a hour.

We take the hard work out of trying to find a plumber this is our expertise, 60 minutes responce from the call to the door. Deferring miner leaks in order to save money on plumbing repairs is not a good idea. Miner leaks if left can lead water damage,  prevention is better than cure, always use a professional plumber to do the work.

Call Us: 07853751794

Call Us: 07853751794

We are always at hand to solve your plumbing crisis any time of the day.

Emergency plumber 60 minutes from the call to the door

Emergency plumber 60 minutes from the call to the door

Plumber in Birmingham – 12 Years Experience

Trusted Emergency Plumbers in Birmingham Professionalism and politeness may not be the first thing people think of, but for us, it is one of our most valuable assets.

For most homeowners, plumbing will eventually, at some point, plumbing will present a problem. With this in mind, the Emergency Plumber in Birmingham that we can provide will be of use to you. We provide you with an experience plumber that will satisfy your requirement. Our years of experience in dealing with live burst pipes and a variety of boiler repairs. Is there to be shared with anyone that requires a skilled plumber with expertise. Our aim is the complete satisfaction of our customers. For many years, through experience, we have assembled a practical method used in work. That provides an excellent rate of success. Our yearly growth of favourable reviews notifies us that this works well for us.

What do we do?

We have expertise in emergency plumbing repair. Rectifying leaks in susceptible areas such as toilets, sinks, and wash-hand basins. Our work also includes gas-related issues. Associated with old and modern central heating systems. On-site, we will show our competence and insight in handling your plumbing work. We also provide expert services for the installation and repair of gas appliances. Such as cookers, boilers. Without a doubt, your search for an emergency plumber will be fulfilled. With our dedication, adaptability and professionalism.

Why use our service? We Understand that offering our customers a cost-effective way of eradicating defective plumbing is a great incentive. Considering the rise in cost of today’s household living. The Plumbing repairs we tackle can often be challenging. Chasing the holy grail of excellent plumbing rather than the goal being solely the financial incentive. Empowers us to provide a high standard of workmanship. Without a doubt, your search for an emergency plumber will be fulfilled. With our dedication, adaptability and professionalism.

Client service comes high on our list.

Across the board, we now have learned that punctuality is essential. Being punctual and well organised helps us to reduce the duration of time spent on each task. This efficient method means less inconvenience for our customers. A shortened work duration equates to a more cost-effective service. We are friendly sociable and use our natural enthusiasm. To decipher difficult plumbing repair. The aim is to deliver complete satisfaction. We adopt this philosophy to elevate the skills and service we offer.


Occasionally, a repair that can not be repaired on the first visit. This may need a follow-up visit to advance whatever task it may be to complete closure. Our aim is longevity with our clients by providing 100% effort each time we go to a callout. As a company providing a service that satisfies or surpasses the customer’s expectations. We have acuminated many years of experience. Working in the domestic sector, providing extensive central heating and pipework repair. The service we provide as emergency plumbers in Birmingham often takes us. Within a 20-mile radius outside the city. Covering other regions within a short drive outside Birmingham.

Budget-friendly Prices:

We developed a transparent charging system at competitive rates. There are on no hourly charges, and we do not charge for a call-out. We only charge for the work we do not for showing up! Meaning this type of work. Inspections, professional advice, leak detection and boiler diagnostics. The prices reflect the type of work and requirements.

Undoubtedly, we are dedicated emergency plumbing professionals in Birmingham. Our group is committed to providing you with the very best service possible.




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    Help with plumbing repair

    Help with plumbing repair

    Help with plumbing repair

    Not all plumbing work falls into the category for an emergency, when seeking help with plumbing repair the urgency on how soon the repair is carried out is an individuals choice. Quite often plumbing issues which may not be considered urgent can escalate and become quite costing.

    While carrying out plumbing repairs on occasion other problems can sometimes be spotted, problems that may not be related to the initials call out. Problems of this nature are best brought to the attention of the house holder. Resolving any outstanding issues as soon as possible will eliminate any need to resort to last minute help with plumbing repairs when miner problems are left until they become an emergency. A professional service that offers plumbing repairs can not only successfully complete most repairs, but also recognise faults or problems that may be detriment to the operation of a properties plumbing or central heating system.

    Offering a good pluming service incubuses many different aspects, experience only partially contributes towards this. Delivering 100 present performance on each call out leaves a good impression with customers. So whenever a past customer requires help with plumbing repairs that pass performance will come to mind. Repeat customers will always put there trust in the hands of the professionals who offer a great value for money service.

    When diy plumbing goes wrong

    When diy plumbing goes wrong


    When diy plumbing goes wrong


    When diy plumbing goes wrong its great aset to have an emergency plumber asistance


    When diy plumbing goes wrong finding a quick and reliable solution to resolving the issue is usually the first thought that comes to mind. Emergency plumbers offer a fast solution, to a situation such as this, but it will be costly. To avoid escalating a simple diy plumbing repair to an emergency, it would be wise to firstly understand how to isolate the water suppy.

    Being Unfamiliar with plumbing repairs can be a receipe for disaster, and this is usually when diy plumbing goes wrong. Becoming familiar with different parts and fittings is a positive step towards understanding how things work. Its is very important to follow the correct procedures undertaken when closing or repairing joints. An experienced plumber carrying out plumbing repairs can often make a task seem a lot easer than it actually is. However this not only demonstrates the high level of skills required to successfully carry out repairs, it also gives the impression to an observer that plumbing is a breeze.

    Some inexperienced diyers can encounters problems after completing plumbing repairs, and find them self’s unable to reestablish the water supply without coursing a leak. A typical example of when diy plumbing goes wrong, would be when a pipe has not been fully inserted into a fitting. Fittings can appear to be leak free, but later start to leak. These situations can course quite serious interior and structial water damage.

    When undertaking a basic diy task which seemed straight forward when first started can quickly became a nightmare.when diy plumbing goes wrong most people can,t work out why it went wrong let alone how to fix the problem , that’s when an experienced plumber is needed. An experienced plumber is able to ascertain the quickset route to turning off the water supply which is not always via the stopcock.there maybe be isolation valves fitted which could be a quicker process or depending on the location of the leak your whole central heating system my have to be drained down. This task should only be under taken by persons experienced and competent to do so.

    Local emergency plumbers

    Local emergency plumbers

    Choose local plumbers

    When faced with an emergency plumbing situation, sourcing the services of local emergency plumbers would be the obvious choice. A fast response to an emergency is vital in stopping litres of water creating structral damage to your property. Using the services of local emergency plumbers can drastically cut on traveling time an emergency.

    However using a plumber with the closest proximity to the property were the emergency has occurred doesn’t guarantee a fast response. Availably to carry out work at short notice is crucial, not all plumbers operate a fast response service. Having a team of local emergency plumbers dedicated to this type of work overcomes any problems such as availably or response time.

    Our aim is to attend each emergency as quickly as possiable, where ever possiable within a one hour responce time. Aside from our quick responce their are no benefits for our local emergency plumbers to extend the time spent on a job, because the cost will always remain the same. An initial assessment of the repairs will give the plumber an idea of costs and time needed to complete the repairs. Before we go ahead with any work a fixed price will aways be agreed upon.

    Need a Plumber now

    Need a Plumber now

    Need a plumber now

    Trying to find a suitable plumber for a project such as a bath room renovationas can be taken in a more casual approach than an unexpected leak,due to the lack of urgency. However when faced with an emergency the first thought that comes to mind is i need a plumber now. Not having the access to a plumber at short notice can exculate an already stressful situation to boiling point.

    Having a friend or family member as a plumber can be useful,but its often the case when you think i need a plumber now that person is usually unatainable.Most plumbers structure there days around advance bookings,and like most people end the day around 5-6pm in the evening. Requesting a plumbers services after 5-6pm can be difficult because most plumbers at this point are at home recovering from a hard day at work.

    Attending urgent call outs at short notice to carry out plumbing repairs is specialized, not all plumbers are available to carry out this type of work. 24 hour plumbers are available to work when others are ether to busy,tiered or off for the weekend.An emergency plumbers day will consist of very long hours,unprodictable work locations and immediate response to customers requests of i need a plumber now.

    For plumbers that specialize in emergency plumbing work it is vital that your services can be easily found by potential customers. Understanding your market and what platforms to use in order to be found is very important. When customers are in a situation when they think i need a plumber now, there is very little time to waist trying to find a reliable plumber.

    Emergency plumbers providing a great service

    Emergency plumbers providing a great service

    emergency plumbers providing a great services

    What factors do Emergency plumbers proving a great service need? to choose a defining factor that enables emergency plumbers to provide a great service for customers would be difficult. In order to provide a great service requires a mixture of several different factors,one being availability. Being available to attend an emergency at short notice is great but turning up without being adequately equipped to over come unexpected problems could leave a potential long term customer disappointed. Being equip and understanding how to manipulate different fittings to successfully bring an emergency situation to a close is paramount for Emergency plumbers providing a great service.

    A fast response is vital when dealing with emergency plumbing, the sooner a plumber arrives the less chance of water damage, this is what customers expect. Experience can help an emergency plumber speed up the process of identifying the source of the problem, simply turning off a stop tap may not resolve the problem. Experience with dealing with a variety of different buildings and there plumbing systems enables more emergency plumbers providing a great service to meet customers expectations.

    When a customer requests the services of an emergency plumber, they expect the service providers to deliver a satisfactory service. A plumber that has good customer service and the ability to project competence in their plumbing ability, helps to make a customer feel more relaxed relieving some of the stress of their emergency situation. customer care is an important factor in providing a great service, which sadly is not a factor some plumbers address and this can leave clients feeling puzzled and a little uneasy with the plumbers skills . Emergency plumbers providing a great service is a bold title but these are some of the qualities needed for Emergency plumbers providing a great service to reach and surpass their clients expectations.