Central heating repairs

central heating repairs



Central heating repairs – 24-hour service.


A central heating system is comprised of many different components that work together as a team to deliver hot water and heating at the click of a button.  Central heating repairs are required when an integral part of the system loses its ability to communicate with other surrounding components.  Understanding the functionality is crucial to carrying out central heating repairs successfully.

There are three important factors combined to fuel the mechanics that operate a heating system.   One being gas the other is water, and the third is electrics.  Plumbers that carry out central heating repairs should have a good understanding of all three.  A combination of these three elements will have to be evident to achieve a boilers functionality.

Electricity energises central heating components into operation.

The power supply to a boiler is required to energise components into operation.  A central heating repair could be due to a lack of power, i.e., a loose connection or a blown fuse.  The diagnostics behind fault finding and repairs to boilers begin with a series of electrical checks.  A plumber that has been trained in this field will always shield themselves from the dangers of electrocution.  By maintaining a high standard of health and safety procedures, a competent engineer will insulate themselves from the danger of electrocution.

The technicalities to the gas supply of a central heating system.

Not only does a boiler require a gas supply but the gas also needs to be delivered at the right pressure and flow rate. Any deviations that allow a boiler to operate outside the manufacturer specification can drastically affect its functionality.  A property refurbishment can often require drastic changes to a premises central heating system.  As an example, the relocation of a boiler to accommodate a properties new extension.  This types of work will require a combination of skills from both plumbers and electricians.  An electric supply via a fused spur will be required to power the reinstallation of a boiler.   Relocations can often add excessive distances from the gas meter to the new location where the boiler will be reinstalled.  The existing gas line may not deliver an adequate flow rate required by a reinstallation; an upgrade will  often be required.

Water is vital pressured and leak free, a lack of it will leave a central heating system inoperable.

The third element that is crucial to the successful operation of a central heating system is water.  A central heating system requires an adequate supply of water before a heating system will operate. Water is vital but in the wrong place it can do serious damage to your home.  The water in an over-pressured heating system will exit at the weakest point of the system.  Excessive system pressure is a common problem encountered on central heating repairs.

An over pressurised system is not always the product of a faulty component.  A problematic heating system that is constantly losing pressure should be thoroughly inspected to locate the point of exit.  The constant topping up of a heating system water supply signifies that there is a problem.  Continuously topping up will merely defer a problem like this on a temporary basis.  Additionally, never leave the water supply on at the filling point in an attempt to maintain a constant pressure on a leaking system.   Quite often an over-pressured heating system is caused by simply topping up and not fully isolating the cold water supply after doing so.The most important thing to remember is that each system is different and in turn some systems are quite basic , whereas others are more technically geared to suit an engineer’s skills.



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