Lead pipe repairs

lead pipe repairs

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Whenever lead pipework repairs are required it is usually associated with the older types of properties.  Modern buildings water supply are now supplied under ground via  plastic pipes .  Lead pipe repairs are quite common with the mains supply to older properties. When lead pipe repairs are required a partial or complete removal is the usual course of action.

A partial removal of lead pipework when carrying out lead pipe repairs, is the removal of the lead pipe below the damaged area. On some older properties lead pipework may be attached to the main stopcock, if this is the case then a replacement stopcock must be fitted. Then the rebuilding of the new pipework from the cut off point of the old lead pipe will be replaced in copper.

Damage is usually caused due to a fracture in the protective layer due to building movement or unprotected pipework and metal fatigue. When there is lead pipe damage below ground with limited acess to carry out repears a complete removal of lead pipework is recomened. A complete removeal can also be carried out by some installers inorder to increase the flow rate when installling unvented systems in large properties. Modern Plastic mains supply pipe has a larger diameter, this will increase the flow rate.

Isolation of the mains water supply most be estabished before any repairs can be carried out.Lead pipe repair is unlike copper or plastic pipe repairs it requires special fittings to complete a join. If the lead pipe is damaged below the mains stopcock professional assistance is a must. if the damage is above,then the stopcock can be closed until repairs can be carried out.

Lead pipe can appear quite thick in diameter, the thinker outer layer protects a much smaller inner core containing the water.Lead is a very soft metal, scratching the surface is easy and will leave shiny marks, this test can be used to help identify wether the pipe is indeed lead before you attempt to carry out any lead pipe repairs.