Emergency plumber on the way to you!

Emergency plumber on the way to youWhat you can do while the emergency plumber is on the way.

Whenever faced with an emergency plumbing crisis, prior to the visit of the plumber enlisted to deal with your plumbing repair,  what can you do to help the situation before the emergency plumber arrives?  In situations like this vital time can be lost by a plumber in an attempt to locate the stopcock.  Property owners or tenants that occupy a property should make it a priority to identify the location of the stopcock.

Most common locations where the cock can be found, however, locations can vary depending on the property and also the possible of renovations that have occurred in the past.

  1. Beneath the kitchen sink
  2. Beneath the kitchen unit ( assessable via a ready-made hole in the back panel)
  3. Beneath kitchen unit (this may require the removal of the plinth)
  4. At the front entrance (behind the front door)
  5. In the garage

Plumbing repairs made easy with accessibility.

Storage areas, i.e., kitchen units, for example, can often become cluttered; this will create difficulties when a plumber needs quick access to the stopcock.  After you become familiar with the location of the stopcock in your property, it would be a good idea to keep the items stored there to a minimum.

In the future accessibility for plumbing repairs will become easier, this systematic process will save vital time while waiting for the visit of an emergency plumber to tackle your repairs.  Ideally when a plumber attends a call out quick and easy access to isolate the mains water supply is expected.  However, inaccessibility or damage to the stopcock will add extra time spent on repairs.

Easy acess to stop cock





It is important never to attempt tasks you are unfamiliar with;  The expertise of the designated plumber you have chosen to assist you should be surfactant to resolve your problem.  These tips are only there to help you avoid difficulties in gaining quick access to isolate the main supply in the shortest time possible.




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