Emergency plumbing in the future

Emergency plumbing the future

Through developments in technology Emergency plumbing in the future will be intelligent automotive and will help overcome the event of arriving home to face an emergency situation. There are already products available on the market that can detect water and sound an alarm when exposed to a leak. A water detector is a cost-effective device that is very easy to install, its very simple just by placing it in an area that is problematic for leaks or in an area that a leak may go unnoticed. One of the obvious disadvantage of the water detector with a sound alarm would be if the property occupants were out or they were unable to hear, then the water detection alarm would go unnoticed. Future developments in these types of water detection devices may allow notifications via a mobile phone alert vibration or ringing tone. An occupant or business owner could be out but would have adequate time to then arrange the assistance of an emergency plumber to inspect or repair a possible leak.

When leaks occur they can be especially devastating to areas situated directing below. Multi-storey apartments and commercial buildings containing variables stock can be badly affected by these leaks. There are currently devices on the market that are triggered by an unusual flow of water through an emergency shut of valve, the valve can also shut down the water supply if the temperature drops creating a risk of freezing. Modern water shut-off devices can have parameters settings to understand unusual usage that can be signified by the lack of consumption or excessive flow of water. The excessive flow will trigger the valve to shut down sensing that there is a leak limiting the potential risk of water damage.

An automatic emergency shut valve can protect commercial and domestic properties, avoiding the dreaded possibility of being notified that the apartment below your premises as been flooded due to a burst pipe. Leaks can either be related to the main supply or separated via a sealed central heating system. A sealed system ie combination boiler feed heating systems leaks can not be stopped by merely closing the mains stopcock, a sealed system may require draining down before repairs can be carried out.

In the future emergency, plumbing will become more theology driven with the development of more sophisticated leak sensing devices. This safeguard will limit the possibility of water damage and may, in turn, reduce insurance premiums. Encountering the aftermath of a devastating leak may become a thing of the past for those that take advantage of these new developments. An emergency shut of valve failure is very unlikely, regular inspections will help to maintain an healthy system, always refer to the manufacturers instructions. Just remember the futre of emergency plumbing is being now.