Emergency plumbing repairs in a loft

Emergency plumbing repairs

Emergency plumbing repairs can be hampered when working in a loft.

The majority of Emergency plumbing repairs tend to be repairable on the first visit,  being adequately equipped plays a crucial part in being able to carrying out a successful repair.  However on occasion difficulties arise that can delay,  slow down or even stop an emergency plumber from achieving the desired fast result, this is usually a result of working in a restricted area.

Whenever an emergency plumber performs a repair in a loft, this is regarded as working in a redistricted area.  During extreme cold weather the temperature in a loft can be far colder than what will be found in other parts of a property.  This may be perceived as a miner obstacle encountered by plumbers on a daily bases.  However a problem like this can easily be overcome if not accompanied by a catalogue of other restrictive difficulties.  This can then make what would normally be considered a miner repair become quite difficult.


In hot or cold weather the temperature in lofts become extreme.

Working in a loft becomes quite difficult during warm weather,  the loft is the highest internal area in a property this makes it more susceptible to heat penetrated on a hot day.   The heat absorbed through the roof tiles is then trapped within the loft cavity unable to escape due to the thick layers of insulation found in most lofts.   As the outside temperature continues to rise throughout the day the internal heat as very little chance of dispersal.  This heat reflecting cycle makes working in a loft during hot weather a very uncomfortable without the use of a fan, ventilation or some other form of temperature control.


An experience emergency plumber as a keen eye for safety and can quickly evaluate hidden dangers on the job.

There is also the possibility of an emergency plumber encountering a situation that may be detrimental to his/her heath and safety, whilst carrying out repairs. Following a good heath and safety procedure can drastically help to avoid situation such as electrocution, inhalation of a contaminated substance,  or even accidentally going through an unsupported area of the loft.

One of the most common problems that can occur when working in a loft is accidentally standing in an unsupported area.  Cracks on ceilings are common place when exposed to excessive weight.  Ceiling plaster board is put in place as manly for decorative prepossess and will not support a persons body weight.  Accidentally standing in an unsupported area could lead to breaking through a ceiling personal injury and structural damage.   To avoid situations like this before entering a poorly lit loft always carry a fully charged portable light.   A portable light offers a plumber zero chance of electrocution when carrying out emergency plumbing repairs.   A good light will increase visibility,  this will  help to identify the supporting rafters that can easily withstand body weight unlike ceiling plaster board.

Asbestos as now become obsolete as a material used for building,  but in the past asbestos was commonly used.  This substance is now considered dangerous and if discovered whilst working it most not be tempered with.  An hazard such as this will need to be removed by a specialist in the removal dangerous substance’s, before work can processed in order to avoid the possibility of contamination.

Health and safety on the job is a priority that takes a precedence over the actual emergency plumbing repair.  Structural damage to a property can always be repaired.  However the lack of a good health and safety procedure could have a detrimental affect to some ones heath that could be irreversible .  Most Emergency plumbing repairs can be isolated to stop the water supply temporarily until any outstanding health and safety issues can be resolved.  So a plumber can compete his/her repairs within a risk free environment.

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