Emergency shower installation

Emergency shower installation

Emergency shower installation, does your leaking shower need replacing?

Because there is such a wide variety of showers available on the market. A prognosis that incubuses all showers into one category would be hard. Even so quite often a leaking or malfunctioning shower is a good indicator that it is time to get a replacement. When we carry out an emergency shower installation. Is is usually a follow-up to an already diagnosed faulty device. During the second visit is when the new shower will be installed.

Emergency shower installation rapid and cost effective service.

What type of shower problem need an emergency callout from a plumber in regards to showers?  Top of the list is when a shower is leaking. And the damage leads to water loss at mains pressure. An emergency shower installation. Will also be required whenever shower loses the ability to switch off. This will cause the none stop flow of water. The urgency to have a new shower installation could also be due to the possibility of the loose of earnings. For example a hotel or some other establishment. That is reliant on delivering a constant supply of hot water for there customers. Whenever denied the luxury of a shower due to a shower. Across the board most people would rather have it sorted soon than later. It is usually a matter of the cost and the availability of an installer.

What types of showers do we install?thermostatic shower in a wall

We install a mixture of different showers categorised into three sections, electric shower, thermostatic shower, bath mixer shower. The most cost-effective of three would be the bath mixer shower. This unit is easy to install with minimal pipework adjustment there is no breaking into walls or tile adjustment needed. Other types of showers installation may require adjustments to pipework tiling or even an upgrade to the existing electric supply.

It takes a mixture of expertise and years of experience to successfully install a shower with the result being correct functionality. An important aspect of our success is that we are familiar with a wide range of shower units on the market, and the compatibility as to where each product can be installed. Its good practice in a quest to avoid disappointment before going ahead with the purchase of the unit, to enlist the services of a plumber. Seek expert advice on what shower you need and the combativity to your properties plumbing and water supply.

Recommended showers

Alike for like change over of a shower is what most plumbers ideally are looking for, however, you have to put all personal preference aside for a moment, to fathom out what shower installation is best for the consumer. As mentioned earlier a thermostatic bath mixer shower is by far the most cost-effective shower installation. However, this product may not be compatible with all plumbing installation. An uneven balance in pressure between the hot and cold water supply will affect functionality, a pre-installation check will determine this factor.


Emergency electric shower installationAn electric shower is a wise choice regardless of the model or manufacturer. An electric operated shower is a great secondary source of hot water, it can be used as an alternative during a boiler breakdown. The installation itself can be expensive if the wiring is either not present or needs to be upgraded. The plumbing is usually less time consuming than the wiring. If there is already an electric show installed that has become faulty then the installation becomes far less challenging. An emergency shower installation can be seamlessly carried out, especially if the faulty/damaged shower is quite modern, this makes it easier to find an identical replacement.
A thermostatic mixer shower is powered via a combination boiler, the body of the mixer valve can be installed beneath tiles or externally, the valve is connected to the hot and cold water supply. The valve is fitted with two control knobs one for the flow the other for the temperature. Installations beneath tiles can be an obstacle whenever faults occur, although this creates a visually pleasing look to a bathroom difficulties occur whenever the valve becomes faulty. A slightly more intrusive but overall a far better choice in terms of longevity would be the installation of the shower valve externally. The benefit of this is easy access for repairs and maintenance, and also an emergency shower installation can be carried out quickly. There is no need for pipework adjustments or the inconvenience having to break through tiles.