Emergency toilet repair

Emergency toilet repair

Emergency toilet repair and isolation

In the event of an emergency toilet repair in your property, having a secondary toilet as opposed to only one has its benefits. In these situations, emergency toilet repair can be carried out with much less disturbance to the occupancy of the property. A secondary toilet can be used during plumbing repairs.

An experienced plumber can usually very quickly diagnose problems that may be affecting the correct functioning of a toilet. Delays to this process can be caused by toilet cisterns that may have been tiled or boxed in without the installer considering accessible for future emergency toilet repairs.

Modern toilets fitted with an isolation valve not only assist the plumber to quickly stop the toilet refilling itself. Isolation valves can isolate the water supply at a designated point so any emergency plumbing repairs can be carried out without distributing the water supply to other parts of the property. The only alternative to this process would be to turn off the mains water supply at the stopcock.

When most toilets have problems, they can usually be repaired unless the toilet or cistern are cracked. Replacing older toilets with the same model may prove to be very difficult or even impossible, due to the changes in designs, some models may have become obsolete. New toilet installations usually require adjustments to fit in if a new model of toilet is being fitted.

Through experience, our team understand the common faults that occur to toilets and come equipped with a wide range of fittings to deal with the majority of toilet repairs. Emergency toilet repair can often be outside the opening hours most plumbers merchants operate. Being correctly equipped is vital to resolving an emergency on the first visit.