Fit a bath panel

Fit a bath panel

Fit a bath panel that is suitable for the surroundings.

When ever a problem occurs, that relates to a water leak. A water stain is an early sign that there is a problem. A water-stained ceiling with a bathroom directly above should be investigated be removing the bath panel. This type of plumbing repair is quite common. The actual removal of the panel is not a skill only a plumber can do. A competent dyer could easily achieve this task. However, to fit a bath panel is usually more difficult than the removal.

A bath panel adds the finishing touch to the installation of a bath. The simplicity of a design correlates with the ease of the installation. A panel can be purchased separately or come as part of the package with the bath. A bath panel serves two primary purposes. It protects the floor beneath the bath from water. And adds a visual appeal by covering the pipework and supporting wooden flame. When you fit a bath panel as the finishing touch in a bathroom. Colour continuation throughout will give the installation a professional finish.

A bath panel can be made to measure.

A bath panel can be made to measure this requires the creative input of an installer. If the existing panel is damaged, a replacement can fitted. You can occasionally face difficulties when trying to find an exact match. An alterative to this is a panel made to measure. A caucus wooden frame can be built. And then tiled designed in such a way that it can be easily removed for maintenance. This is visually pleasing, with the added extra of accessibility to carryout small plumbing jobs.

Having encountered problems in gaining access whilst carrying out this type of repair. In hindsight, if there been a removable bath panel in place. The time spent tying to overcome this difficulty would have been significantly reduced.

Bath shapes
Diffrent shape baths

A standard plastic bath panel can easily be removed.

Three of the most popular shapes in the baths. The variation in shapes adds variety to individual choice. The L shape bath, p shape bath and a basic one which is flat. Manufactured in plastic to add that extra flexibility needed to fit a bath panel. Some designs are held in place with screws at the bottom. And pushed under the up lid of the bath at the top.

The simplicity of a bath panels design correlates to the price different. A P shape and L shape baths, securing screws and clips, will be concealed, creating a more discreet finish. Whereas a standard shape bath will have screws at the bottom of the panel contained within a small plastic screw cover.

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