Fixed prices for emergency Plumbing

Fix price on plumbing repairs


Fixed prices for emergency Plumbing repairs


Fixed prices for emergency Plumbing is exactly what it says on the tin, we offer a fixed price, no hourly rates,  no call out fee.  How dose it work? through years of experience we have learnt how to access a job prior to attending an emergency.  The information  from the customer to our call center enables us to provide a quick and knowledgeable answer .  Each emergency is unique  and is priced accordingly leaving the customer at ease and not worrying about how much time the job is taking to be completed due to a hourly cost .  The customer has no additional cost to  pay that has not been agreed too prior to the work been started.

We don’t charge a call out fee, meaning our emergency plumbers do not attend  emergencies to give quotes, therefore the price given is  for the completion of the job. One all inclusive price, fixed price payable on completion even if the job takes a little longer than expected.

With our fixed prices we help to cut costs for customers on emergency plumbing work, we provide the customer with a competitive price saving time ringing  around for the best quote.  Fixed prices for emergency Plumbing is not something most emergency plumber do, this is one advantage customers benefit from when choosing to use our service.

So if your ever faced with a emergency plumbing  situation there are quite a few good reason for you to choose to use our service. We have a good data base of local Plumbers in Birmingham who are familiar with the area and can get to most of our call outs within an hour. Our plumbers have years of experience  dealing with emergencies and are well stocked for the job. We have a great customer service team and also one of the best offers on fixed prices for emergency plumbing.