Free callout plumbing repairs

free callout plumbing repairs free callout plumbing repairs

After many years of experience in doing free callout plumbing repairs, it starts to become quite natural to visualize an emergency. This enables us to have a fair idea of the work that needs to be done even before the plumber arrives at a property. A description described by a potential customer via a phone call can often be all that is needed to conclude a cost-effective solution to carry out an emergency repair.

Any callout fees can then eliminated, offering free callout plumbing repairs because, in the event of an emergency, a 24-hour emergency plumber doesn’t go out to give quotes. This type of work requires immediate repairs a fixed price can be calculated just on a customers description of the situation, there are no hourly charges. Therefore free callout plumbing repairs means the customer is not charged for a plumber to attend a property only for the work which is carried out and the materials used.

On occasion it may not be possible to calculate a price, some leaks or damage to pipework may be hidden beneath floorboards or behind walls, on this occasion, a visual inspection may be the best course of action. A plumber can then calculate a figure based on time and materials if this price is acceptable to the customer work will go ahead if not then the free callout plumbing repairs apply. Free callout plumbing repairs are ideal for customers who have an emergency because any plumber you callout has been called out to attend an immediate situation. Therefore the plumbers time is not wasted giving quotes and the customers emergency has been resolved with one fixed price, irrelevant of time, with no added callout fee.