Gas checks for rented properties


Gas checks for rented properties  how often do i need to carry out a gas safety check ?.This is a question we are   asked frequently checks for rented properties should be renewed or inspected prior to been let out to new tenants. Gas checks for rented properties should be done annually. We are often  asked as part of our services to carry out gas safety checks on gas appliances fitted in rented properties by Landlords and letting agents. Regular home owners  usually only ask for a service on one particular gas appliance fitted in there property.

If a rented property becomes vacant and the landlord or letting agent decides to re-let  the property, then  the whole process of gas checks for rented properties beings again.  All the gas appliances will need to be checked and a safety certificate issued to the new tenant. However if any defects are found that are dangerous the appliance should then  immediately be repaired or  made safe by capping it off.

Disconnection of an appliance is usually the last resort in the majority of gas checks for rented properties we carry out. If minor defects  are found they should be documented on the form gas engineers fill in as part of this service.  Any defects that are found should be brought to the property owners attention for repairs to be carried out.

Having gas checks for rented properties is not a very expensive procedure  but it is one that most be done by law.We believe that keeping our costings fair to our clients and delivering a professional yet cost effective service. Means that  the landlord and the tenant are receiving  work of the highest quality.  So if you have gas checks for rented properties   to be carried out don’t leave it until it becomes an emergency. Our  gas checks for rented properties are usually booked in advance so we can arrange our work scheduled accordingly. However we also able to accommodate those that may need an emergency gas safety check.