Hot water repair simplified

Hot water repairs

Hot water repair isn’t rocket science, just patients and expertise.

Whenever a problem occurs, that interferes with the production of the hot water supply in your property an immediate response would be ideal, especially if the only source hot water in your property is produced via a boiler.  Hot water repair has a presidents over central heating repair,  a central heating repair as a much greater urgency during the cold weather.  However the lack of a hot water supply as an urgency throughout the year regardless of the weather. Properties fitted with a secondary source of hot water i.e. an electric shower will not be as destitute in a situation like this.

To simplify the process of a hot water repair,  you most first have a good understanding of how each heating system works. Modern apartments often incorporate electricity as the primary utility use to produce both the heating and hot water.  There is usually a small cupboard designated to the storage of a hot water cylinder,  in this location, there will be isolation valves where the water supply can be shut off.

Unvented hot water systems.

The hot water cylinder contains up to 300 litres of water,  it delivery’s hot water at mains pressure and some is powered by electricity.  This type of hot water system is called invented, because of the pressure and temperature contain within these cylinders they are fitted with a combination of different safety controls, that limit both the temperature and pressure of the cylinder.  Repairs should not be carried on these types of heating systems without being qualified to do so; it takes years of experience and expertise to carry out hot water repair on these types of heating systems.


How does it work?   The hot water is produced via a combination of two heating elements; this is called a direct heating because the heat comes directing from the heating elements. The water is heated during the night and if required there is a boost that can increases.the temperature of the water. The most common cause of an interruption to the hot water supply would be electrical, this may sound simple,  put to pinpoint the exact source of the problem could take some time  A sequence of voltage resistance and fuses all need to be within the correct parameters in order to produce the final product which is hot water.

Hot water repair unvented system

Open vented system

An open vented system is the older type of hot water system; it is called open vented because the water is supplied via a cistern which is open to the atmosphere.  A noticeable difference between the hot and the cold supply is evident on these types of systems.  Gravity systems hot water supply can easily be restrained by merely placing your thumb over the hot tap. The hot supply is delivered via a cylinder accompanied by a cistern in the loft,  the weight of the water contained in the cistern adds the pressure to the water supplied at the hot taps.

hot water repair gravity system

The process of heating hot water comes in two different forms, direct and indirect.  The indirect works by the transformation of the hot water temperature heated at the boiler which is then pumped through a coil contained within the cylinder.  This process then indirectly heats up the water within the cylinder.

Quite often an indirect hot water system is fitted with a direct heating element powered by electricity; the heating element is in place as a backup energy source if a gas operated boiler broke down.  Whenever a fault occurs on these types of systems a prosses of eliminations beings in order to find the faulty components responsible for the breakdown. Understanding the correct process of functionality helps the engineer pinpoint and easily identify the malfunction of a component.

Hot water repairs to combination boilers

A combination boiler performs two tasks hot water and central heating, with the hot water being prioritised.  The boiler will switch from the central heating mode whenever a tap is opened and immediately start to produce hot water.  A combination boiler is unique in design because it encompasses an array of different parts and components within the casing.  So whenever a breakdown occurs tests and inspection can be carried out within the area of the boiler casing.  Hot water repair on these boilers consists of understanding the sequence of operation; this is crucial diagnostic for the engineer to disphere exactly what component or part failure is responsible for the lack of hot water.










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