Local boiler repairs

Local Boiler repairs


Fast response to local boiler repair’s.


Find the cause of the problem before assuming a solution is a great proverb to use when to carry out local boiler repairs.  Extra time spent diagnosing a fault, means no time spent on a return visit.

Plumbing and heating can seem quite complex without having years of  experience working within the industry. To help simplify the basics of how things work, take for example the human heart it has blood flowing in out. The heart would be represented as the pump on a central heating system and the blood as the water which is circulated around. Gas engineers do not go to work with stethoscopes around their necks but operate on similar principles that doctors use. Doctors use pressure, temperature and a series of other symptoms in order to diagnose patients. Experienced gas engineers use the same principles when fault finding problems while carrying out local boiler repairs.

The flow and return on a heating system which was previously described as blood flowing through a heart can sometimes become blocked. A weak pump or a dirty heating system can be the cause of this problem, this can lead to overheating and eventually the boiler will shut down. For most gas engineers doing local boiler repairs, these types of faults are a frequent occurrence,that can be resolved by replacing the pump or cleaning the heating system.

When a boiler has a high boiler temperature and Pressure this could mean a fault within the boilers internal temperature control. If the temperature is normal and the Pressure is high, this would indicate that the system has been overloaded with water. The cause of this could be a faulty expansion vessel or the filling point of the system is letting water in. This problem can also lead to system pressure loss if the pressure gauge exceeds 3bar the heating systems water will be released for safety reasons.

Heating systems that constantly require topping up are in need of a thorough examination to find the source of the problem. Gas engineers doing local boiler repairs can usually spot signs of this problem in the early stages. This problem over time will result in the system becoming inefficient, with a risk of corrosion due to air in the system and eventually boiler breakdown.