Need a new toilet fitted

Need a new toilet fitted

Need a new toilet fitted? firstly consider the nostalgia attached to the older types of toilets, a well maintained classic retro look as now become quite fashionable. Some property refurbishments are aimed at restoring the original look, as opposed to just a modernisation. Retro coloured suits were the height of fashion in the 70s are making a comeback, one man’s rubbish could anther mans treasure. Having a new toilet fitted may be a necessity rather than just an upgrade to a more contemporary look. A crack in a toilet bowl, for instance, would require a replacing; any attempts to repair this type of damage would only be a temporary fix. Toilets are manufactured using vitreous china which is very brittle, one thing that will help prevent the cracking is to use a rubber or plastic washers, if using a drill always remove hammer action, always handled with care.

Repairs can usually be carried to lots of the fittings that contribute to the correct functioning of a toilet. However, some the older models of toilets often become obsolete, finding a perfect match as a replacement could prove quite difficult. The actual toilet cistern and bowl and were designed and installed as a matching set, difficulties can arise in both the modern and the older toilet designs if a particular range is no longer being manufactured.

Some of the inner mechanisms that operate the water supply in and out of a cistern have basically remained the same over the years. Replacements can be fitted but on occasion, slight adjustments may have to be made. Modern fittings tend to be manufactured using plastic which is cost effective no corrective and easy to fit.

So of the improvements made to the modern toilets are the dual flush system, this offers a minimum and a maximum option to the flush hence reducing water consumption in the home. Modern toilets are also fitted with a built-in overflow system, sending water to the bowl if the float valve was to fail. The constant sound of running water to the bowl can also be a sign that the cistern water is either not rising to the correct level or exiting safely to avoid overflow if the cistern inlet valve as failed.

Older toilet cisterns are fitted with an overflow pipe, excessive water levels can easily be removed if the float valve was to fail. The constant sight of running water through the warning pipe to the outside is the definite sign that the float valve as the failure. If either of these situation arises an emergency plumbers assist may be required.