Need a radiator removed?

radiator isoation valve
Radiator isoation valve

Radiator removalĀ for cosmetic or decretive purposes.


Need a radiator removed ? this type of work is usually required due to repairs,upgrading or decorative improvements. For a plumber this is not considered a manger task, it can only become a problem if the removal of water from the central heating system is delayed due to valves either side of the radiator not shutting off the central heating water. At this point the only alterative is to drain down the entire system to a safe level.

The normal process would be to isolate two valves either side of the radiator, then remove the water contained in the radiator. Problems associated with this process can be avoided by covering any carpets or flooring to avoid staining by dirty water contained in the radiator. If you need a radiator removed then fitting radiator isolation tails can make life much easier

Its not very often that people need a radiator removed, but having radiator isolation tails fitted eliminates the need to drain the radiator down. After disconnecting the supply pipes to the radiator it isolates the water contained inside. This easy to fit device can not only save time when removing a radiator it can also reduce any chance of staining to carpets or flooring due to minimal water loss when removing a radiator.

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