A Modern Plumbers – Tool kit.

Long gone are the days of plumbers being portrayed as that of the super Mario type plumber holding a monkey wrench in one hand and a plunger in the other. Some of the basic plumbing tools will always be in places such as grips, pipe benders and adjustable spanners, but through modernisation in materials, equipment and tools, a plumber has many options on how to go about completing a task. For example, a traditional copper installation in need of repair, in an area where soldering at high temperatures would be hazardous. Or a plumber as difficulties in creating a soldered joint whenever water is retained in the pipe. An alternative to this would be to use plastic fittings, modern and very easy to fit.

Having the correct tools and equipment can drastically help to cut back on time spent on repairs. Understanding it is important to make the choice in fittings to convey a water or gas supply to the point where it is required. To do so, plumbers not only have to understand the correct use of fittings but also pressure, flow rates, and regulations. Competence comes with experiance reading and actually doing the job.

A plumbers job would be quite simple if the pipework and fixtures in every property were the same. However, we all know this is not the case. That’s why plumbing is a skill that takes many years to perfect. Plumbing tools, fixtures and fixings are vast in choice power tools are used universally across the construction trades. However, a plumber’s own personal case study of work will help to indicate what tools or fittings would make the job easier. This analytic process, will inevablably achieve significant work improvement.

What Skills do You Need to Become – a Plumber?

You need a variety of skills to be successful in the plumbing industry. There are many tasks that must be completed simultaneously. You require excellent communication and people skills, as well as the ability to handle stress and multitask efficiently. Your work requires you to work with your hands and use tools, but also understand how different materials are used in different ways for a variety of jobs.

People in sport understand the importance of the mind and muscle connection. They utilise this the again optimum performance when competing. This method applies to skilled people that work with their hands, the mind hands and the tools most all work in harmony. Handling a tool is a mental projection of thought executed with the use of your hands whilst working. This vital factor in is what it takes for a plumber to deliver a leak free professional finish.

Plumbing Requires More Than just Having – Tools.

Having the right tools and equipment is a great start. However, what is often over looked is people skills is invaluable asset that can not be substituted by having the latest tools.. Being able to project confidence reassures a customer that they have made the right chose. This is skill for some can be exhibited without even handling a tool.

The skill of plumbing is there to be generous used for the good of others. Leaving a legacy of quality workmanship maintains a high standard of work for the next generation of plumbers that will follow. Acquiring a craft is a great achievement, however without a customer where could a plumber demonstrate this skillful achievement, the initial concept of becoming a plumber would be pointless. The community is equally important as having the skill because the end result is to repair, maintain, or install a new fitting for a member of the community.

Outside plumbing repair
Outside plumbing repair

A Plumber’s Choice of  Work can be Diverse.

The plumbing that allows water in and out of a building or even capturing the rain from the roof and sending the water to the drain below. The concept of this started as an idea, then a drawing, long before the installation you see today at most properties. These modern facilities usually go unnoticed until they become faulty. Plumbing repair and maintenance applies not just to the inside but also outside of a building.

The plumbing and heating industry is diverse, plumbers are selective about what of work they specialise in. Similar to this is the vehicle repair industry, there are fitters, MOT inspectors, and car accident repair specialists. Well, most plumbers are pretty much the same, however there are a few exceptions to this, being Multi skilled. A multi-skilled person can handle a variety of tasks. From the fully installation of a property’s cold and hot water supply. To the removal and new installation of a central heating system. An all rounders skill set could even be more vast than described. After years of robotically doing the same tasks every day, an engineer will soon become an expert in numerous fields.

Being selective with the choice of work can be a case of sticking to what you are good at and then become a specialist in that field. Some plumbers have no interest in small plumbing repairs, but are motivated by larger projects, such as property refurbishment. A plumber’s choice of work is diverse, selective, and it all comes down to individual preference.


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