Is my plumbing an emergency ?

Is my plumbing an emergency

Is the problem with my plumbing an emergency ?

On most emergency plumbing jobs it is usually quite obvious where the leak is coming from and always requires immediate attention in order to bring the situation under control. On occasion, small leaks can go unnoticed  for some time unless  the property occupier  notice’s strains on the walls or water in usual places. These types of leaks are normally  more of a problem than the  obvious ones.

Small leaks left unnoticed over a long period of time will cause some serious damage to a property and may require more than just the assistance of your local plumber.

Knowing there is a problem with the plumbing but just putting it down to being a small leak will not make the problem go away. An annual maintenance  check by your  local plumber could possibly help to prevent a situation like this from becoming a serious plumbing emergency and even structural damage .

Some plumbing emergencies occur due to a build-up of water over a period of time leading to the weakening of your  ceiling, or just a  fitting that has a slight leak, and finally comes lose, at that point your leak becomes an emergency.

Is my plumbing an emergency?  if you have a leak and you don’t know where its coming from, if you have a leak and you can’t  stop it or are unsure how to stop it then it is a plumbing emergency.