Plumbing from the ground up.

plumbing from the ground up
plumbing from the ground up

Plumbing from the ground up the journey of water to your taps.

At a very early stage when water enters a property seconds after exiting the stopcock water is still suitable for human consumption. However when a transformation of temperature occurs after heat as been added on its journey through a boiler. This water then becomes a hot supply suitable for baths and showers but not for drinking.  The process of conversion from cold water to hot can be quite complex to example exactly how the temperature transformation occurs. Read more However without an adequate supply of water delivered at pressure plumbing from the ground up would be impossible. Every plumbing fixture installed in a property needs pressure a force to drive water through each outlet. Fixtures such as showers and boilers have a minimum pressure requirement specified by the manufacture. Below this level the optimum functionality would be impossible.

The early stage of planning a properties plumbing starts from the ground up.

The infrastructure and design of plumbing installed in properties are put together from the early stages of design with the following requirements in mind. Flow rate, pressure, hygiene functionality and longevity. This coupled with the accumulation of case study from previous plumbing structural designs enables a plumber to work from a planned layout.  As a result of this the end product being an energy-efficient means of delivering heating and hot water as a when required throughout a property.

An experiance plumber can overcome faults that disrupt plumbing in your property.

A disruption to the cold water supply that is quite common with older properties is a leaking stopcock. A usual and obsolete setup is to find the integration of a stopcock to the incoming lead supply pipe.  Nevertheless they are still in use, and fractured and a leak occurs an emergency plumber expertise required.

A lack of usage can often lead to a seizure and when forced it will inevitably leak. Lead pipe is now outdated due to the changes in health and safety but lead can be found in use as a supply pipe below ground and slightly protruding on entry into a property.

The time and effect spent in the planning of a property’s plumbing infrastructure will evidently help the structure withstand the test of time. Longevity is one of the pivotal factors to influence the choice of materials used during construction. Quite often when problems occur that disrupt the smooth operation of plumbing it can be traced back to a building renovation. Work that has been carried out that disturbs the fine balance of functionality. Not all problems can be identified byway of visual leakage.  Some problems may require a more in-depth analysis to achieve a successful result.  A comparison of the system’s performance before and after any alterations will give an indication that something as gone wrong. However, the only way to find a definitive answer is to understand plumbing from the ground up and what to look for when things go wrong.



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