Plumbing in Birmingham

Plumbing in Birmingham

How the changing skyline affects plumbing in Birmingham.

Multi-storied apartments in the city centre of Birmingham have been around since the 70s namely the building of Cleveland and Clydesdale tower. Within a short walking distance of these two tower blocks, there are a few remaining back to back houses.  Built-in the late 1800s to accommodate the expanding population during the industrial revolution. Unlike modern houses, these properties were unable to deliver basic living standards outdated and squalid they were eventually demolished.  Some of the remaining Back to back houses on Hurst street have been restored.  Showcasing to visitors building and interiors from a past era when the plumbing in Birmingham properties was limited to outside toilets

Accommodation in the city has vastly expanded since that period, new build apartments require amenities such as water, electricity, and on occasion gas. To facilitate this aspect of the construction industry requires skilled installation and at some point maintenance. Most of the plumbing work in Birmingham is spread throughout the city, the expanding residential sector will at some point add further demand to plumbers that carry out plumbing in Birmingham city centre.

A clear sign of prosperity in a city is construction, the towering cranes above the skyline of Birmingham these are addition to the usual look. Although this may not be the perfect silhouette it is merely temporary, and at some point will be removed. This look signifies expansion development and outside investment giving the second city the status it truly deserves. Birmingham is rapidly preparing itself for the fast train link between Birmingham and London. The shortened journey between Birmingham and London will make travelling between the two cities and any stops in between more convenient for Commuting

The second city preparing itself for the commonwealth games.

The commonwealth games will be held in Birmingham 2022, this event will bring thousands of new visitors to the city. International athletes staying in temporary accommodation or spectators seeking an overnight stay after attending the games. Construction development has already commenced this will incubus an array of skills such as road development, builders, electricians and plumbers in Birmingham. Reconstructive road development namely routes from the city centre through Perry Bar to North Birmingham. Any temporary road disruption, in theory, will be compensated on completion with better flowing traffic less than 3 miles away from the Alexander Stadium where some of the events will be held.

The regeneration of Birmingham will attract tourism investment and diversity.

In less than a 10 year period Birmingham has demolished, and rebuilt manger attractions in the city of Birmingham. The outdated but central library has been demolished and successfully rebuilt. Visitors to the library will enjoy its new iconic look and the spacious well lit inertia fitted with all the modern facilities A short distance away from the library is the centenary square, This part of the city centre is also traditionally used by thousands of Birmingham’s residents as a gathering point to celebrate the New Year.

The centenary square has one the most impressive examples of outside plumbing in Birmingham with the newly completed water fountain. There are no visible signs of pipework pump or any other kind of Hydronics that operate the fountain the mechanics are all discreetly hidden beneath the pathway and concrete structure. The centenary square is a great location to visit with good access for everyone. Steps have been removed and a slopping gradient fitted in its place creating easy wheelchair access. Future tram line development will enable passers-by to view the square whilst travelling. Visitors may even decide to exit at a stop adjacent to explore some of the new and exciting sights in Birmingham central.











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