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How to find the best method of plumbing revision.

Just like any part of the human body conditioning is important when preparing for a task that takes you outside the comfort zone. The mind is no different to this the mental simulation and training of a plumbing quiz will help you retain vital information that will be useful in a plumbing exam.  How to successfully complete a plumbing exam by creating the best revision technique. Some people find it easy to make a connection between the written words in a plumbing book and how they relate to plumbing.  And others will find this method of learning far more difficult. Visual learning or written learning, some people respond best to learning plumbing through sound. Through practice, you can establish the best method of learning and apply this to your revision technique.

Learning a skill such as plumbing in a classroom works best when combined with hands on training out on sight. A plumbing course covers a variety of different areas, which includes health and safety central heating systems, hot water, cold water, sanitary, electrics and much more. One of the advantages of actually working with a plumber is the visual, hands-on aspect of learning, this combined with the work in the classroom works very well. Not having a work placement can be a slight disadvantage to a beginner.

Self-confidence comes after passing your first plumbing exam.

Embarking on a career as a plumber can be very difficult, however overcoming hurdles such as not having a placement are just part of the process.  With some of the basic techniques in place moving forward will not be a problem.  Preparation for hard work and setting yourself realistic goals will build the self-confidence needed to successfully pass the exams.

Most plumbing exams consist of modules as explained earlier when each module is successfully completed you move on to the next. These module exams are usually multi-choice four questions with one correct answer the other three questions can be closely related. But with proper revision preparation, the correct answer should easily be spotted. These exams can have quite lengthy sentences with close matching words that are used to confuse and weed out those who have not properly prepared.

Books are a great foundation for knowledge when studying for a plumbing exam.

Choosing a suitable publication is very important, books that simplified things by using illustrations offer a great combination of learning. Having two plumbing books as opposed to one can also be an advantage giving a student the opportunity to go in depth, using them to cross reference information.  After revising a module ask a fellow student to ask random questions on the subject.

How to create a bespoke plumbing quiz to suit your own personal needs.

An alternative method which can also help you to enhance your knowledge and stimulate learning is to create your own plumbing quiz.   Reading on its own isn’t the best method of learning for some people.  Coupled with a wide choice of books,  creating your own plumbing quiz is a great addition to whatever revision technique you have chosen.   By downloading free software and creating your own plumbing quiz,  this will help you to familiarise yourself with difficult multi-choice questions.  Additionally, by creating a bespoke type plumbing quiz with the enthusiast aimed at your weakness,  this will help to strengthen any difficulties you encounter in learning the plumbing curriculum.

There are modern ways of learning plumbing using software via a computer or model device skills2learn incubus both sounds and words with interaction giving a student the best possible chance of successfully passing a plumbing exam. Recommended books for beginners are Plumbing NVQ & Technical Certificate Level 2 Student Book, 2nd edition. It’s an easily read with colour illustrated images and a short questionnaire after each chapter testing your knowledge. Plumber edition 2 by Steve muscroft is a great source of reference if studying for the Level 2 Technical Certificate and NVQ from City & Guilds. Each chapter concludes with a set of multiple choice questions, enabling the student to revise the key concepts introduced in that chapter.

Alongside being equipped with a suitable publication and other useful resources such as a plumbing revision test collage handouts with detailed diagrams and drawings.   An overkill can easily be achieved by continually studying without adequate rest.  It is very important to take a break whilst studying in order to absorb knowledge and recover.



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