Plumbing repairs and blockages

Plumbing repairs and blockages
Flexi hoses fitted to taps

Newly installed Plumbing systems are not impervious to Plumbing repairs and blockages. Most plumbing repairs occur during the winter when the temperature drops below zero. Newly installed plumbing systems which have not been correctly insulated can be prone to freeze and burst in the cold weather. Pipework may not need insulating unless pipe runs are external or in remote parts of a building exposed to cold temperatures.

Plumbing repairs and blockages found in older buildings pipework are most likely to incorporate lead or copper pipe. Plumbing repairs on these type of systems can be slightly more difficult if pipework is original to the building.Taps fitted too sinks and baths can seize,a simple plumbing repair can become a very difficult task if you lack the experience in dealing with these types of repairs. With a few pipework alterations, repairs can be made much easier by fitting modern plumbing accessories like isolation valves and flexi hoses,future plumbing repairs can be made easier and be done in a fraction of the time.

Some of the problems associated with the sanitary pipework can be due to several different reasons, two common symptoms are, partial blockage or complete blockage. A badly designed sanitary system can lead to reducing flow, fault air entering the building due to trap loss, waste water backing up ie from the bath to the sink. A sanitary system that works well and then becomes blocked over time are most likely due to a build-up of food,hair, or other projects that become trapped in the pipework. To help eliminate this problem a sink strainer can be placed over the plug hole, this simple device will drastically reduce any chances of Plumbing repairs and blockages occurring in the future.

Plumbing repairs and blockages associated with toilets are usually due to overload. Every time you flush there is a maximum to each flush and by overloading this can lead to a blockage. Imagine trying to get 20 people in an elevator with a maximum load of 10, this would exceed the recommended maximum. Blockages are also caused by flushing materials that do not dissolve in water, they become trapped slowing down the flow and creating a built up, this can eventually lead to a complete toilet blockage.

A few common things to help avoid future blockages and help the environment if you have a modern system is to use the minimum flush, avoid disposing of kitchen waste i.e oils, wet wipes and other none dissolving items. It may seem obvious but it surprising how may Plumbing repairs and blockages are caused by these items. If a blockage


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