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Plumbing services and repairs

On some plumbing repairs accessibility to carry out repairs can be a manager obstacle,  plumbing services across the board can have their hidden difficulties. Indeed not all plumbing repairs are as straightforward as they may seem to the untrained eye.  A simple request from a customer to address the situation of a  dripping bath tap, on observation a plumber finds that the taps are positioned at the rear of the bath, tight against a tiled wall.  An installation like this may look attractive, but whenever a fault occurs accessibility becomes a manager problem.  The removal of a bath in a situation like this may be the only option in gaining access to a dripping tap or to repair a leak beneath.

Plumbing services to baths


Difficulties faced accessing concealed pipework

To improve the look of a bathroom quite often basin, toilets cisterns and baths are boxed in. This can be done either by the creative bespoke design of a skilled plumber or purchased off the shelf as a concealed unit. Sealed units are manufactured with accurate precision, so the each select fits tightly together. If repairs or alterations are required to plumbing that is concealed, there is usually a section that can easily be removed for this purpose.

Plumbing services to toilets

Consider future maintenance and repairs

Bespoke design units are uniquely in design they can also add an impressive look to your bathroom.  However during construction what is often overlook is accessibility for plumbing services in the future to carry out maintenance and repairs.  Tackling built in plumbing fixtures requires patients expertise and forward thinking.  Not only does a plumber have to gain access to carry out repairs, but also apply good reconstructive accuracy to the finished look.

Proir thought towards plumbing services can avoid difficulties face on the job in the future. This can be done by incorporating a concealed inspection hatch or designated access points to isolate the water for maintenance purposes.

Difficulties with repairs to thermostatic showers.

Thermostatic showers deliver hot water via a combi boiler;  there are two different types of thermostatic showers, one is external and the other concealed beneath the tiles.  The concealed type of shower is visibly attractive it leaves an none intrusive finish to a bathroom, the only sign of its existence would be the control knobs and shower hose extending from the tiles.  However whenever a fault occurs accessibility becomes a manager problem, that includes the removal of tiles and also the possibility of pipework adjustments.

A thermostatic shower that is fitted externally is a lot less problematic whenever plumbing repairs and services are required.  If there is already fitted an easy access point to isolate the water supply.  Then a faulty mixer valve can easily be removed by simply loosening the hot and cold connecting pipes and fitting the new replacement.

Planing for plumbing repairs in the future.

If you’re planning to install a thermostatic shower in your bathroom,  spare a thought to the future.  Accessibility to carry out plumbing repairs will at some point be a required. Thermostatic showers valves that are concealed beneath tiles will require the removal of some tiles in order to carry out repairs.  Having Spare tiles and in some bathrooms matching borders placed aside will eliminate the possibility of seeking replacements in the future, only to find a particular range of tile as now become obsolete.

Replacing a thermostatic mixer shower

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