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Recommend a local plumberShare your appreciation recommend a local plumber.

 The domino effect of delivering good plumbing work is when customers recommend a local plumber. Recomendation is by far the best method of getting work. Word of mouth as always been around and will always be used despite changes in trends.

With technology at your fingertips, finding a plumber as vastly developed from paper publication, book and newspaper to a mobile phone. A mobile phone is a lot more accessible for use than a desktop. It can be constantly switched on, hand held and fits comfortably into your pocket. The simplicity of this is clear whenever you’re looking for a plumber, a simple internet search from your handset will produce many results.

This is far more straightforward working through a list of friends, hoping that someone can recommend a local plumber. However, a recommendation from a friend or colleague will usually result in a far better service. A plumber that gains work through recommendation generates enquires because of the quality of work. It would be virtually impossible to achieve a repeated customers base without this. Mistakes can often be made when shopping around for a plumber in an urgent situation, the urgency will leave very little time for research. However, internet reviews are a very helpful insight into a plumber’s past work. This will be a curtail factor in your final decision.


Has the internet changed things for the better?

Some may argue that the internet has changed things for the worst, a verbal interaction can often be overlooked. An email or text message coupled with the luxury and simplicity of making a purchase online, this is the trend. So why not embrace the changes and use them to improve what is already in place. Internet presents give a potential customer a sight into services available and hours of work. The internet can also assist a plumber to navigate quickly around the city with the help of a mobile phone and a postcode, saving valuable time. In the past, an A to Z would have been the best source of information to assist in navigation.

Word of mouth vs advertising.

Whenever you find a plumber via some form of extravagant adverting, this may be more expensive than that of the plumber that was recommended.  Advertising can be costly, but it is a great way to get instantaneous exposure and company branding. However, before delving into costly advertising a campaign, it is equally important to understand the demographics of marketing.

A successful campaign is being in the right place at the right time. Advertising is complex. Success requires market research, money, patience, persistence and the instinct to avoid adverts that tie you in for twelve months with very little results. Whatever platform chosen to gain exposure e,i paper publication or the internet, a case study of results will dictate what works best for you.

Generating work through recommendation is far less complex than paid advertising. However, this method of gaining customers has its difficulties. It doesn’t require having a large budget, however, the sacrifice of hard work and long hours make up for that. To sustain recommendations and continuous work, a plumber as to satisfy or even exceed each customer’s expectation in order to gain a reputable status with a customer’s friends and family. A plumber that as achieve a steady stream of work without advertising requires a combination of skills apart from apart from the quality of work, and people skills come at the top of the list. This treat alone helps with longevity and customer relations. This will attack and retrain a loyal following of customers over the years.

A perfect combination of the two

As opposed to choosing one form of promotion above the other, why not put together a combination of the two. Some of the old school publications used to finding a plumber in the past have now become obsolete. However, with implementing modern platforms such as social media, this presents great opportunities. Social media is a fantastic way to showcase plumbers products and services. The word-of-mouth aspect of promotion can be a continuation of work after the internet and social media promotion has provided a platform to work from.


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