Relpacement tap fitter near you

Replacement tap fitter near you

Tap replacement available on request, no appointment needed.

Relpacement tap fitter near you, no appointment needed we are accustomed to an urgent request for this type of work, every task undertaken varies in the difficulties encountered on an installation. We are equipped and experience in delivering a fully functional leak tap installation.

There is always a cost-effective solution to situations that require plumbing repairs. What we offer is a pertinent solution to problematic taps, rather than attempting a repair we just replace. In our experience through case study over the years, revisits due to product failure or leakage is extremely rear that’s why we stick to this policy. Overall the bonuses of having a new tap installation far outweigh any other form of temporary repairs.

Whenever taps become faulty and lose the ability shut off the water supply, this is usually accompanied by either a slight drip even when fully closed.  In some cases this problem can be quite extreme, if the tap is fully open and has seized in this position.  The body of a tap can also become defective leading to a slight leak. Leaks of this nature can be difficult to identify due it being such a minute loss of water. As part of our service we can identify problems such as this. We can replace defective taps and also carry out pipework modernisation if required by fitting isolation valves to assist with future plumbing repairs.

 kitchen basin or bath taps supplied and fitted same day service.

Taps are rusted, sturdy and will give you years of leak free usage, delivering hot and cold water supply each time you open a tap. This simple but effective device also referred to as a water outlet may not be considered a necessity, however without the use of taps in your home the simple task of running a bath or washing dishes would not be as straight forward.

We are flexible in our hours of work this works well to accommodate customers that work usual schedules. We specialize in this type of work, a fundamental aspect of the service we offer is emergency plumbing, in this sector working unpredictable long hours is the norm. An upgrade to an existing tap installation may not require the urgency of the same day service. This is often the case if a replacement tap is required for the cosmetic appeal rather than an emergency plumbing crisis.

The positioning of holes is illustrated in the diagram above highlights specific entry points where a kitchen sink. bath or basin tap can be fitted. Single body bath taps are not very common, where there is a single hole for the tap to be fitted. This type of setup is commonly found on the majority of modern wash hand basins. As a rule of thumb generally, the hot water supply will be on the left.


bath sink and basin poistions
Bath kitchen sink and basin tap positions

Taps come in various shapes and sizes.

There is a wide variety of taps available on the market, with varying costs to suit individual budgets. Shopping around for a certain look is achievable. However, a tap that may visually suite your taste may not necessarily be the correct product for the installation. Although all taps operate on the same basic principle, monoblock and thermostatic mixer type require a balance in pressure to achieve the correct functionality. Enlist the services of a plumber we will ensure the taps are compatible prior to installation.

Areas susceptible to leaks

Why do taps become faulty and start to leak.

Fixture and fitting such as taps and showers can be affect by clogging if you live in a hard water area. This can be contributing factor towards premature failure of fixtures in your property.  Some of the obvious signs of living in a hard water area is a  difficulty in getting a good lather when you bathe. This is because soap and the minerals in hard water just don’t play nicely together.

Although taps are robust and are built for durability, leaks will occur when a taps reach the end of its operational life span. Worn connections to the pipework below can start to leak, this is quite common if a tap is not securely fitted. Momentum will add stress to connecting pipework and this will inevitably start to leak. The taps metallic outer structure will remain sturdy but tarnish from the original chrome look. The inner mechanism beneath that gives it a watertight seal when close incorporates rubber washers, this will perish after years of use.









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