Plumbing repairs and blockages

Newly installed Plumbing systems are not impervious to Plumbing repairs and blockages. Most plumbing repairs occur during the winter when the temperature drops below zero. Newly installed plumbing systems which have not been correctly insulated can be prone to freeze and burst in the cold weather. Pipework may not need insulating unless pipe runs are external or in remote parts of a building exposed to cold temperatures.Plumbing repairs and blockages found in older buildings pipework are...

Common Plumbing blockages

Plumbing Common blockages  can be a problem  that  goes unnoticed  for a period of time until it gets so bad that there is no longer any movement at all.  After having a bath  our a shower and the water released takes long than usual to drain away this is caused by a gradual build up of particles  restricting the flow through the waist pipe.The best way try to eliminate this problem from occurring is not to allowing large particles to be washed away down the plug hole.  A build up of hair ...

Blocked toilets in Birmingham

How to unblock a toilet
Repairing Blocked toilets in Birmingham is a regular occurrence that customers are faced with, through experience we have learned to quickly diagnosis the cause of the blockage, resorting the properties sanitary system to operate freely as it did before the blockage occurred.Having a Blocked toilet can be quite frustrating at the best of times, but having this type of problem occurred when guests are visiting or staying, is not only irritating but also embarrassing. What we offer to help...