Technicalities to a shower installation

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Technicalities to a shower installation can be drastically limited if the installation only requires a replacement of an existing shower which has now become faulty. Like for like replacements are far more straight forward, this not only simplifies the work by eliminating any need for pipework adjustments but it can cut costs encountered by an increase in kW that may require upgrading to the wiring. Shower manufacturers are constantly upgrading the look of their showers, to a new and more modern look. Quite often an upgraded look to a shower will not affect the way its connected to the water supply, this will depending a the age of the product being replaced.

Technicalities to be considered on a full installation of a new shower unit, this means there is no previous wiring or supply pipework. A plumbers pre-installation checks should consist of, finding out does the incoming water pressure and flow rate meet all of the manufacturers specifications? And if the installation pipework will be visible it is important to create an aesthetic look that satisfies the customer’s expectations. Quite often shower installations in high risen apartments require a pressure boost via a pump or the installation of a shower unit that as the ability to operate with a low incoming pressure, which may be less than 1bar.

There are three different types of showers, electric power shower, thermostatic mixer bath taps, thermostatic mixer shower. All three basically deliver the same thing, temperature control hot water as and when needed. One of the advantages to having an electric shower fitted is that it’s powered by electricity, not the boiler. The loss of a gas supply or a boiler breakdown would not affect the operation of this type of shower. Installation of an electric shower without the existence of a cold feed pipe or an adequate electric supply will require the expertise of both plumbers and electricians or a competent personnel who has the experience to do so.

A modern thermostatic mixer valves can easily be replaced it,s of the external type, meaning the body of the shower is not embedded beneath bathroom tiles. Thermostatic mixer valves are only suited to a system where both hot and cold water supply are both equal in pressure. Installation of this type of shower without the proper pre-installation check will lead to incorrect functionality. If your Considering having a thermostatic mixer valve fitted? Firstly the consider the that look you’re trying to achieve. Prior to having your bathroom retiled offers the perfect opportunity to get a thermostatic mixer fitted, at this point supply pipes can easily be concealed beneath tiles.

Technicalities to be considered before the installation of the mixer type bath shower taps. An equal supply of mains pressure on both hot and cold water supply and a thorough read of the installation instruction . The mixer tap being the simplest of the three showers mentioned to install. Cost effective easy to install none intrusive pipework and they can come in many different fancy designs. Some mixer taps can be seated on top of the tap, and others are designed to slot into a holder extended from the taps via a flexible hose. Due to the mixers hot water supply coming via the boiler any disturbance to the gas supply or a boiler breakdown would disable the hot water function.