Water leak detection and repair


Water leak detection and repair

Water leak detection we can find the source of your problem.

Finding a stain on the ceiling is often a case for concern, damp spots bubbling wall paper flaking paint work this could all be signs of  a leak.  Not all leaks can be easily found some can be difficult and require an expert in water leak detection.  This is dose not nesasarly mean the dection is carred out by a plumber using a mechanical device to find the source of the problem.   A plumber that understands the correct functionality of domestic plumbing as a good idea of where to look for defects when things go wrong.



Some leaks can be very difficult to find.

Some leaks can be easily found especially those with velocity,   high pressure leaks that require immediate attention.  The more evasive and difficult to find leaks usually remain unnoticed until eventually the obvious signs of water damage start to appear.   To identify the exact cause of a leak enlist the services of a plumber experienced in water leak detection.  Leaks can be miss leading, water can appear to becoming from a particular area when indeed the actual leak is situated else where.  Water is self levelling it naturally finds a way to travel down.  Through absorption into materials leaks can create damp and mould,  a teltial sign of this would be an unpleasant odour.  This is usual the outcome of  leaks in areas in close proximity to materials such as wood, plaster,  or chip board  affected by water penetration.

Leak dection below floor boards


When water leak detection and repairs become difficult.

Acsessibity  plays a crucial part in being able to track down a leak,  for instance the tenant of an apartment is experiencing a leak the suspected source of the problem is an apartment directly above.   This is when leak detection and repairs become difficult,  the dilemma being gaining access to the flat above in order to find the leak.  Some leaks may not only affect the property where you live but also the person who lives directly below.  Although situations like this are a rear occurrence the best course of action to follow whenever you suspect the possibly of a leak is to enlist a plumber experienced in identifying and repairing leaks.

Some leaks can only be resolved by lifting  floor boards or going through walls.   Although bathroom tiled floors are visually pleasing they become extremely difficult to work around when leaks are found beneath.  Whenever tackling a problem like it doesn’t have to be approached using the obvious method.  Rather than removing and possibly damaging floor tiles,  the inspection and repairs can be done through the ceiling  of the room directly below.  80% of leaks in bathrooms will not require such drastic measures and are usually a result of leaks from either the bath, shower, toilet, basin. or connecting pipework.



How can I quickly identify a leak ?

As a precaution after carrying out a repair to an area susceptible to leaks,  repeatedly problematic after numerus attempts at repairs a water dection device can be put in place.   For a small cost of  less than £15.00  this item can be purchased online or over the counter at some of the more popular plumbers merchants.  This simple yet cost effective device is a sound alarm triggered whenever it detects water.  Some of the more sophisticated models on the market can send notification of a leak to your smart phone.  However for this extra feature a water leak detector will come at a slightly higher cost than what was mentioned earlier.








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