Water isolation before plumbing repairs

  A dry start to plumbing repairs. Water isolation becomes second nature to a seasoned plumber before attempting the removal or opening of a joint. When carrying out repairs the water retained within pipework often requires removal, especially if the repair includes soldered joints. A soldered joint requires a clean dry and water free surface in order to increase the temperature rise, this is crustal to the bonding process. However heat is not always required when closing joints, th...

Interesting aspects of plumbing

The science behind plumbing. One of the most interesting aspects of plumbing  is how science players a crucial part, the materials and  fittings you see at that plumbers merchants have taken decades to perfect. Manufactures have used scientific experiments and case study to find the most suitable materials that can withstand heat ,corrosion and pressure,  materials that are none toxic but suitable for the transportation of potable water. How does science apply to plumbers that only do plum...

Heating systems

heating system
  The origin of modern heating systems   Heating systems have been around for a very long time;  archaeologist have discovered that the Romans used convection currents to distribute warm air throughout buildings.  The Romans learned through experimentation how they could use what would be considered cutting edge ideas to harness the power generated by a furnace to circulate heat around a building.  They used furnishes at the lowest level of building deep beneath the flooring t...

Central heating repairs

24 hour Emergency plumbing repairpng
    Central heating repairs - 24-hour service.   A central heating system is comprised of many different components that work together as a team to deliver hot water and heating at the click of a button.  Central heating repairs are required when an integral part of the system loses its ability to communicate with other surrounding components.  Understanding the functionality is crucial to carrying out central heating repairs successfully. There are three important ...