Interesting aspects of plumbing

Intresting aspects of plumbing

The science behind plumbing.

One of the most interesting aspects of plumbing  is how science players a crucial part, the materials and  fittings you see at that plumbers merchants have taken decades to perfect. Manufactures have used scientific experiments and case study to find the most suitable materials that can withstand heat ,corrosion and pressure,  materials that are none toxic but suitable for the transportation of potable water.

How does science apply to plumbers that only do plumbing repairs?

Underground leaks are commonly found on old lead pipe below ground.   When outdated construction such as this are damaged plastic pipe as a replacement offers  0 chance of plastic to water contamination.  On new builds the water supply is convoyed to the property below  ground using plastic pipe.  Using the scientific theory of a rise in temperature below ground combined with a protective layer of soil,  this works well to minimise the possibly of freezing in cold weather.

How does science apply to plumbing on new installation’s?

The construction and design of a plumbing and central heating system requires a combination of mathematics and science. Central heating systems are designed using several factors that include window size, bedrooms, bathrooms, room space.  These crustal factors are evaluated to determine kw of the boiler gas pipe sizing and also position and variation in radiator size.

How does science apply to plumbing in your home ?

Simplistic but invaluable bit of information on how science/chemistry related and affects plumbing in your home. If you live in a hard water area lime scale can reduce the life span of installations such as the boiler, taps, shower, and washing machine. Hard water is formed when water comes in contacted with rocks,  calcium magnesium compounds can dissolve in water these make it hard.  Hard water can be treated by filtration, this will reduce of the build up of lime scale and extend the life span of your properties plumbing installations.

How chemistry relates to cold weather and pipework

Whenever pipework is expose in remote areas of your home, susceptiblity to freezing could be a possibility.  At temperatures of 0 C  and below water in pipework will freeze, this transition from liquid  to solid will increase the pressure within the pipework.  The expansion will inevitably lead to a leak. Protective measures can be but in place to protected pipework from freezing.  Pipework insulation adds a protective barrier, this will  drasiclly reduce the possibility of freezing.  A sensing device can also be installed, this will protect pipework against freezing, this device is set at a temperture as a trigger for activation, if temperpture drops below this the senor will be activated.

How water expands when heated

The water contained within heating system expands when heated this usually goes unnoticed,  unless excessive pressure is exerted on the heating system. This will lead to the water being release via the pressure relief safety valve per set at 3bar.  Pressurised water will always exit the system at the weakest point,  this could be at an unsecure fitting.  An heating system with a constant rise in pressure signifies an underpinning problem that should immediately be addressed.   Contact one of out heating engineers we can  diagnose the problem.

 The science behind plumbing

The basic principles that make plumbing so interesting.

The basic principle of an central heating system is based on the science of heat distribution, using conduction, convection. and stratification. Conduction of heat contain in the water to the metallic surface of the radiator, which is then transferred and circulated around the room.  Radiators circulate heat using convection, this is an invisible force triggered by a change in the temperature.  By adding a cosmetic feature such as a radiators cover,  will reduce the efficiency by interfering with the radiators output. The efficiency of a radiators can also be impinged by trapped air in the system, this can easily be cured by bleeding at the air vent. However a build-up of air in the system left over a long period will create oxidisation and  corrosion.

Every aspect of plumbing is based on the carriage of water whether it being portable/drinking water or heated for the purpose of central heating or just having a shower.  Understanding the basic principles of science and how they relate to plumbing is useful.  This knowledge is crucial in the preparation and planning of complex installations, science is relent it has a fundamentally baring on the final outcome of a project.



The versatile and interesting aspects of being a plumber.

It can be interesting how versatile plumbers have to be on the job in situations that require delving into other contraction skills.  Typically the actual plumbing repair itself may be the easiest aspect involved within the sequence of work.  For example damaged to pipework below flooring will need to be visually inspection before a repair.  Difficulties in accessibility on jobs like this can easily become a nightmare if  the floor is either laminated or tiled.  Carpeting or standard floor boards are reasonably straight forward once the furniture as been removed.

The best a porch to take when difficulties arise in gaining access to damaged pipework is to seek the professional assistance of an emergency plumber.  Some complex plumbing repairs may require a plumber that is not only familiar with pipework repair but also the ability to switch gears and bring other construction skills into play .  Problem solving on some plumbing repairs may require employing another trade personnel.

For example a plumber may need a carpenter to assist with the removing  kitchen unit, whereas other multi skill plumbers may have the ability to complete such a task single handed. It is situation like this is that make plumbing so interesting, thee is very little time for being bored when face with a variety of different problem solving dilemma on a regular bases.

Whether the job requires pipework repair or just a service it takes a mechanically minded and experienced individual intrigued  by the interesting aspects of plumbing to evolve and move forward in this industry.  Even the most basic aspect of plumbing repairs incorporates some form of science.

























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