Why it’s a luxury to have a mains water supply


The luxury of mains water

Having a mains water supply is still considered a luxury to some people in parts of the world

We take it for granted each time we open a tap that there is an endless supply of hot and cold running water.  However to some this would be considerd a luzary, especilaly to those that are geographically located outside the route of the mains water supply.
Creating a mains supply grid is an in-depth  feat of engineering that most modern cities throughtout the world already have in place. Aside from this there are small towns and villages in some countrys that do not have the luzary of mains water supply. However with the use of natures natual resources and modern inivitive plumbing techniques an adequate supply of water can be achieved.


Inivitive plumbing can be use to establish an independent water supply.

A natural source of water comes from the rain, this natural water cycle of can be captured and stored for use as and when needed. Whenever it rains the flow of water from the roof to the gutter can be captured and the contained beneath a building where it is stored. This method of capturing water may not be adequate enough to replenish a continues use during the dry summer months. However water can be purchased for topping up the supply whenever the contents drops below a certain level.



How to transport stored water to the taps with pressure

Without some kind of force pushing stored water a good working pressure can not be achieved. Intern the transportation of water through pipework would be impossible.  A gravity feed system is commonly used for this purpose, it can easily be identified as it uses a Varity of different sized water storage vessels . Typically fitted in a loft or in some counties outside on the roof.  This system uses the natural force of gravity weighing down as momentum to push water through pipework.

When water is stored below ground difficulties arise in trying to gain a good working pressure at taps and other water outlets. As a resolution to this problem hydraulics can be put in place, a pump can be fitted that is wired into the electrics. The pump is activated through usage, via a flow switch that is triggered on demand whenever a tap, toilet or shower is in use.

The simplicity of water isolation associated with this type of system is very straight forward. Because the water is contained at a lower lever than the water outlets, by simply deactivating the pump via the electric supply will render the taps and all other outlet to run dry. This will enable complete water isolation whenever plumbing repairs or maintance is required.


The benefits of having main water supply

If your geologically  located outside a mains water grid then the possibity of having a water supply problem becomes even greater.  Restaurant hotels and airports can not afford to have a problem like this that could potentially cost them thousands.  All of the manager fast food chains are reliant on an ample fresh supply of water each day.  Without this facility big brans are reluctant to make the investment until a mains water supply is established in a reign.

Traveling hours to purchase a pizza or burger and fries may seem ridiculous,  but commercial brand names attack people.  It may be the case of  traveling to the next closest town or village with a main supply.  A mains water supply is essential it has an affect on what most people that live in a big city would never consider a luxury.  So the next time you open a tap take a shower or flush the toilet take a moment to consider the years of planning and,  engineering that went into constructing such a convenient amenity.




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